Age: 22-32
Height: 5’2" (157cm)
Weight: 8st 12lbs (57kg, 124lbs))
Hair: Long Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Dress Size: UK 10 USA 7

Fiona Rene has been acting since she was 7 years old. Through the eyes of a child, Fiona told her parents that she was going to graduate high school early, go to college for theatre and become a BIG ACTRESS. There was/is no other route. 

After losing the weight;

Fiona now lives in Los Angeles, with her 2 cats Lily and Denver, and is acting in many Feature and Short Films, TV Shows, and Digital Shorts such as

Sinister Squad, IPsycho, 5th Year of Autumn, Super Deluxe Segments, Episodes on Showtime, Critical on Sky 1, and more.

She is the Creative and Performance Director for CREEPLA where she gets her writer and director boots on for some true Horror.

And, also hosts Get It Girl on the LATV Network and Week in Fandom on

Fiona Rene has a solid commitment to entertain and educate through her professional, fun, emotional and adventurous performances.

What could Fiona NOT leave home without?  Her Bravery.






2013 48 Hour Film, Cushion Apocolypse: Audience Award

2010 B. Iden Payne Awards, Best Actress in Children’s Play Nominee - Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland

2008 Best Actress - Branwen in Sleeping Beauty

2007 Dorland Awards, Best Supporting Actress - Ouiser in Steel Magnolias


“Eric Macleane (played by James Utechin), and his Chinese female assistant, Gloria, played with plenty of verve by Fiona Rene”

Exeunt Magazine: Steve Barfield

“Part of what makes the House of Torment such a hit is its acting staff (this year, headed up by 2008 B. Iden Payne Award nominee Fiona Rene)”

Austin Chronicle: Richard Whittaker

“Fiona Rene, who plays Nina, was particularly good throughout the film as her character deals with sincere insecurities and sexual frustrations…”

EaDoLife: Alec Lasar

“…Fiona Rene (Mrs. Beaver) figures out best of anyone in the cast how to make her character both animal and human, by investing herself in both the comedy and the sincerity of the part.”

Austin Chronicle: Elizabeth Cobbe

“…both of the Beavers are happy waddlers. Fiona Rene as Mrs. B is winsome, roly poly and talkative , a kind of beaverly Aunt Rose from the Yonkers Hadassah, and Bobby DiPasquale as Mr. B is a perfect match for that characterisation.”

Austin Theatre Live Review: Michael Meigs

“This year, Team Torment ramped up the theatricality by bringing in stage pros like Naughty Austin/Arts on Real powerhouse Blake Yelavich and Fiona Rene (recently getting rave reviews in these pages for her work on City Theatre’s Alice in Wonderland).”

Austin Chronicle: Richard Whittaker

“Part of me thinks it’d be easier to give a review of the tangible theatrics I enjoyed most – great costumes, good acting (I liked Fiona Rene’s Caterpillar best), catchy songs (though, I thought I recognized something from the Jungle Book) but another part wants to share my epiphany (albeit slightly noob-ish) with everyone.”

Austin Theatre Live Review: Ashaner

“The make-up, conceived by Fiona Rene, is intricate and gorgeous…The cast is strong across the board. Everyone seems to delight in the world of the play. Casey McAuliffe’s 100-watt grin is perfectly suited to her sensual and laid-back Cheshire Puss. Other standouts are Liz Roark’s Tweedledee, Rene’s Caterpillar, and Nathan Brockett’s Mad Hatter.”

Austin Chronicle: Hannah Kenah

“The costumes alone are worth the modest price of admission. Other standouts in a dazzling cast: Fiona Rene as the multi-handed Caterpillar, Casey McAuliffe as the Cheshire Cat, and John Kelly as the somniferous Dormouse.”